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WHAT?  There is an improv comedy group called CATS HUGGING CATS!  CRAZY!  They are based in Charleston.  Lets GO!

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Too Hip To BE SQUARE kitty-kats…

Handmade felt CubeCats

Jorge Ortiz Art prints — Products

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Spiffy Kitty.  I wonder if my guys would give these a go?

CATatelier by CatAtelier on Etsy







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I’ve been gone too long….yoga cats brought be back.  Thanks to photographer Daniel Borris. 

150 BLACK CATS - WITH ALL THEIR BLACKNESS, Auditioning for a horror film called

Tales of Terror. 

Metal Cats. 

Yummy in my tummy…  CAT DOUGHNUTS!   Have to go to Japan to get these treats. Those other little animals are cute too.  Why can’t doughnut shops here the US try something like this?  Are cupcake shops on the way out?